The Matriarchy

Maintaining a successful career and managing a  safe and healthy family household requires balance and perspective.  Your mind is powerful.  What you think is what you believe and those thoughts require either positive or negative energy.  When you focus on the best things and stop sweating the small stuff, your reactions shift towards positivity. It’s up to us how we spend the energy we have. There are so many quotes and proverbs I can think of that have told us the easiest ways to approach living our best life:

“You get what you give”


“Pick your battles wisely.”

These words of wisdom tell us to conserve our energy for the things that matter most.

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Whether it’s human nature; or society’s perception of women, we oftentimes play the caregiver roles at home, in our personal relationships, and at the office.  We naturally want to help, support, and encourage those around us and many times this behavior is mistaken for weakness and is taken advantage of.  As a result, our attitudes slowly change towards one another.  To maintain worthiness (and counteract the feeling of being taken for granted by some) women start attacking each other and become very territorial at work, within our social groups and our communities.  ‘Keeping up with the Joneses’ has been taken to a self-destructive level and no one is coming out better because of it.

Women now make up 53% of the entry-level workplace and our numbers in management and executive level positions continue to rise.  Sixty-six percent of millennial women indicated that career success was important compared to men’s fifty-six percent*.

We are killing it.  We are not afraid to take on motherhood and management and we no longer have to choose.  This fearlessness led us to become the Matriarchs we are.  We are caregivers, breadwinners, business executives, mothers, wives.  We are leaders, lovers, abundant-seeking powerhouses.  Forces to be reckoned with.  And it’s time we share how we do it so we can all become better.


So here is my version.  My life.  My blog.  Created in tandem with my mission to join a team of women who work together to design their best life with wellness, love, happiness & prosperity.

We must stop tearing each other down and band together to help one another.  It takes a village, and sharing our successes is necessary.

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